We believe that simply changing fluids, filters,
belts, plugs and brakes at the right time
can greatly enhance the performance of your car.

That’s why we have decoded the service schedule recommended by your
car manufacturer and assimilated the best practices to carefully
design a preventive care guide that serves every need of your car.

Car Care Guide

We take your car for a 25 point road-test to know your car inside out.

Road Test for Car Service

During the road test our team investigates which parts meet standards, need adjustment or require workshop repair so that you are on top of the needs of your car.

We use advanced computerized diagnostic systems to troubleshoot system errors.

Computerized diagnostic system

Cars manufactured after ’96 are equipped with a computerized fault registering system. So, call us if you see any mystery lights and we will troubleshoot it for you.

We take your car through a 75 point bumper to bumper inspection

Our team ensures that all parts and fluids in your car are comprehensively inspected. We make sure all oils and coolant are replaced/ topped up as required. All mechanical parts/ filters inspected/ replaced, nuts, bolts and hinges tightened/ lubricated and much more.

We replace engine oil, vital fluids, filters and other essential parts of your car

Our team ensures that your car is replenished with the right grade and quantity of engine oil and other fluids. We make sure that all vital parts such as filters, brake pads, spark plugs, belts and battery are replaced at the right time.

Our interior detailing services make your car spot free from inside


sec-4Dry Cleaning

dashboard-polishDashboard Polish

We ensure that you feel the difference when you enter your car after the Automen PitStop. Try some of our value added services to really pamper your car.

Our exterior detailing services make your car as good as new

r-1Steam Wash

r4Underbody Cleaning

r-3Wax & Polish

We ensure that sticky dirt on the surface and underbody crevices of your car are removed with our Eco-Friendly Steam Wash Machine.

If It Can Be Repaired At Home, Why Send Your Car To The Service Station or
The Neighborhood Garage?

From suspension to disc rotors, most of the repair needs of your car can be fulfilled at your doorstep. Our team gives you unbiased
recommendations and enables you to choose the perfect service provider. Speak to our team to know more.