The Journey

Fed up with the inconvenience of going to the service station every 3-4 months, not knowing whether parts are actually changed and the hassle of waiting in queues led to the creation of Automen – a convenient, hassle-free way of getting your car serviced with full assurance on parts and no hidden charges.

We started by getting our cars serviced at home to see the difference between going to a service station and having a trusted team service our cars in front of our eyes. After all, DIY care is better than leaving your car in the hands of people who don’t really care! We realized, if a team with technical knowledge is equipped with the right equipment, then most of the preventive maintenance needs as recommended by the car manufacturer can be undertaken at home. Over a period of time, we invited our family and friends to test our solution and the results were extremely positive. The people who tried our service, started asking us to service their other cars and recommending our services to their friends.

As the cars kept coming for servicing, we spent more and more time on researching the servicing needs of every car model in the country, i.e., analyzing every service manual, every service schedule that we could get our hands on and the impact that driving patterns have on the servicing needs of a car. We hired an experienced team with technical know-how and invested in high-end technology to improve our service levels. After months of research and testing our services, Automen now services all brands of cars in Delhi – NCR.

The Solution

Every car owner goes through the pains of servicing their cars through conventional garages. Whether it is an authorized service station, a multi-brand servicing station or your neighborhood garage, a car owner has to take out time and visit their preferred service provider. While the actual time spent on servicing a car maybe less than two hours, a car owner loses a whole day in getting their car serviced. Plus, none of the garages allow car owners to enter the service bay to check their car while it gets serviced. Such practices only increase the trust deficit and magnify the promise-performance gap leading to unhappy car owners.


The Automen solution is changing this situation by bringing the service station to your doorstep. When you book a service with us, our three member team visits your home or office with high end equipment, genuine spare parts and fluids to service your car. We take the car for a 25 point road test to diagnose any drivability issues and visually inspect the car for damage. We use computerized diagnostic devices to interact with the on-board computer of a car and clear any system errors. Thereafter, we service the car as per manufacturer recommended guidelines incorporating best practices based on individual driving patterns. Finally, we ensure that the car is germ free from the inside and shining from the outside to make the car feel as good as new. Try the Automen PitStop, take a seat and see all the action in front of your eyes!

Our solution is customized for every car owner and our team provides personalized care that increases engine longevity and enhances driving pleasure. We thrive on customer satisfaction and provide a seamless experience to every car owner.

The Team

We are a team of professionals with the sole aim of improving the driving experience, enhancing the longevity of a car and more importantly taking the pain away from maintaining a car. If you like what we do or have experienced the Automen PitStop, visit our LinkedIn page to get to know and connect with the management team.

When you book a PitStop with us, you get a personalized service like no where else. A three member service team visits your home or office equipped with modern technology to service your car. Our team takes into account manufacturer recommended guidelines and individual driving pattern to carefully design a customized preventive maintenance plan for every car – PitStop Guide. Our service team is lead by a service manager, well versed with servicing all brands and types of cars. The service manager supervises a service engineer and support staff to ensure every car is serviced as per the PitStop Guide.

Team Automen

The Assurance

Automen is the result of years of driving passion and extensive knowledge on preventive maintenance needs of a car. We have focused our time dissecting the manual and service schedules of every car in the Indian market. Our team applies globally accepted preventive maintenance practices for the driving conditions prevailing in India. We understand that the driving pattern of every car owner is different. From the terrain, the car is usually driven on to the conditions the drive is undertaken in (time in traffic/ highways, length of average drive etc.), our team ensures that every aspect of the individual driving pattern is taken into account while servicing a car.

Our service team has the skills, utilizes modern technology and is experienced in servicing all types of cars. We have taken great care in choosing our partners to ensure full assurance to our customers on the fluids and parts used by our team. Our partners include industry leading organizations such as Mobil1, NGK, TVS, Fenner, Rane, Amaron, Syndicate, Purolator, Mann and many others.

It is our endeavor to provide 100% peace of mind to every car owner.

The Focus

We believe that the only way to keep a car smooth and prevent unexpected breakdown is to get the car serviced at regular intervals. Therefore, our focus is on providing exceptional preventive maintenance services to enhance the performance and longevity of a car. If a car needs repair work such as clutch overhaul, we provide an unbiased opinion on the repair needs and recommend an experienced service provider. We also provide repair services that can be undertaken at the doorstep of the car owner.