The only way to keep your ride smooth and prevent unexpected breakdown is to get your car serviced at regular intervals.


From oil that suits your driving pattern to parts that suit your car, our team ensures that your car is running at peak performance levels all the time.

Oil is the Blood in the Veins of Your Car

Engine_oilEngine Oil

t4Brake Oil

t3Transmission Oil

Using recommended industry grade engine fluids ensures that your car is running as good as new. Speak to our team to know which oil is recommended for your car and suitable for your driving pattern.

Coolant is the fluid that Dispels Heat from the Engine

coolentReplacing the coolant of your car at recommended intervals prevents mechanical breakdown and engine failure. Ask our experts the benefits of using high grade anti freeze coolant.

Spark Plugs Provide Energy To Your Petrol Fueled Engine

sparksReplacing spark plugs of your car at recommended intervals ensures improved engine efficiency and performance. Speak to our team to know which spark plugs are recommended for your car.

Belts Break & Pipes Crack When Worn Out – No Warning Signs

sparks-nextTiming Belt

fan_beltFan Belt

t3Coolant Hose

Make sure that the belts and pipes in the engine room are inspected for cuts and replaced at recommended intervals.

Clean Filters Allow You and Your Car To Breathe Easy

tr-1Air Filter

tr-2Oil & Fuel Filter

tr-3Cabin Filter

Changing filters in your car at recommended intervals leads to better mileage, reduced emissions, improved cabin air quality, increased engine life and enhanced acceleration & overall drivability.

Corrosion Can Impact System Connections and Ruin Cables

corrisionIt is imperative to ensure terminals and wires of the battery in your car are clear of corrosion. Batteries are unpredictable, we recommend replacing batteries every 3-4 years.

A Little Less Speed Requires A Lot Less Braking

alittleIf you notice any abnormal response, feel or sound, get your brakes inspected immediately. Don’t downshift to slow down your car to save the brake pads – transmission repair is way more expensive!

See Clearly and Be Clearly Seen for Your Own Safety



windshieldWasher Fluid

Replacing fused lamps and faulty wipers is the simplest way to ensure drive safety. Better still, it only takes a few minutes to replace them. Tell us if you notice fused lamps or a water trail on your windscreen.